Take your apps to the next level.

We are always looking for top-notch development partners committed to making best-in-class apps for kids. Whether you have an existing app or suite of apps that you’d like to take the next level, or if you’re just getting started on this journey, we have the industry know-how, creative chops, and technical skills to help you rock it.



Get discovered by millions of users.

We’re partnering with big name brands in the US, Asia and beyond, so your apps can reach millions of users from around the world through our platform. Parents receive personalized game recommendations based on previous downloads, and kids can search through our library of hand-picked play-and-learn apps.


Our high-quality network of apps.
Featuring your brand in our platform.
Ready to use mobile network for users.

How does this work?

We'll work with you to integrate your app into the Sylvan Play, Astro Play, or Fingerprint Platform.

SDK integration.

All our apps feature the award-winning Fingerprint SDK. This platform is designed to be fun for kids, convenient for parents, and a great tool for developers like you to use. The SDK is fully documented, quick and easy to integrate, and has dedicated integration support.


Take your existing app code.

Add the Astro Play, Sylvan Play, or Fingerprint SDK, which appears in-app as a button on the left side of the start screen.

Congratulations! You’re now part of our network of apps that will get seen by millions of families.

Benefit from all the technology our platform has to offer.


The fully documented Fingerprint platform is quick and easy to integrate. We provide dedicated SDK integration support.
Special parent tools allow parents to stay up to date with their child’s learning progress. Apps are recommended based on previous downloads and play patterns.
Localize content for different languages and cultures through our simple dynamic platform.
A network built for kids. Where they can make friends, send messages, play collaboratively, and learn about new content.
After your app launches, we provide tools to help track your app statistics like number of taps and work flows.
We make sure we’re up to COPPA standards and provide kid-safe fun with generated nicknames and a limited messaging system.

What we’re looking for.

We partner with the best and brightest app developers in the world to market and distribute high quality mobile content targeted at kids. The ideal content for our network hits the mark in these areas!


Phones and tablets, iOS and Android - mobile is here to stay and we're eager to build the best kid's content library on the planet.

Kid Friendly

Elegant and simple designs appeal to kids and are worry-free for parents, just like our Fingerprint platform.


Content that fits best in our network is so fun to play kids don't even know they are learning.

High Quality

Quality matters just the same as in any creative industry and kids recognize a good app when they see it.


Our users are a discerning audience who love great stories, characters, collectibles, high scores, and adventures.


Because we operate our network in a global market, content that is available in multiple languages is ideal.


Interested in developing with us?

Drop us a line and tell us about yourselve.
Our team personally follows up on every single inquiry.


Still have questions?

So maybe you just want the answers to your most pressing questions all listed out in one place - so, here you go!

Who is Fingerprint?

Fingerprint is the leading Mobile platform for kids and families. We operate our 1st party Fingerprint network as well as 3rd party networks for some of the largest companies in the world.

What is the Fingerprint Platform?

The Fingerprint Platform is an SDK that is integrated into apps and thereby "Fingerprinting" them. When an app is fingerprinted, it becomes part of the Fingerprint Network.

Does Fingerprint target a specific audience?

Yes, we reach kids 4-10 years old and their families on their mobile devices.

What are the advantages of working with Fingerprint?

Fingerprint brings best-in-class marketing and a global network of distribution to maximize exposure, reach, and revenue of your content.

What are the typical deal terms I can expect when working with Fingerprint?

We commit actual dollars to each partner's app, by way of an advance and/or marketing spend, plus a revenue share.

What kind of marketing and support does Fingerprint provide?

Being cracker-jack marketers in our own right, we have a wide range of ways that we help market and distribute content, including paid acquisition, app store merchandising, social media, website and platform cross promotions, plus reviews.

Does Fingerprint support iOS & Android apps?

Yes!! Our SDK and Partner SDKs are both Android and iOS.

What is it like to work with Fingerprint?

We are a hard-working, collaborative, team that want to make a difference in mobile apps for kids. Each Fingerprint partner has a primary point of contact on our content team, along with a supporting cast of professional marketers, technologists, and creative design experts.

How do I get started?

Share your great ideas and apps with us. Complete the submission form and we'll be in touch!