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November 14, 2014

How Fingerprint is Taking its Kids' Mobile Edutainment Platform Worldwide

By: Dean Takahashi Source: VentureBeat
July 06, 2014

Appy Traveling with Kids with These Games

By: Jinny Gudmundsen Source: USA Today
July 01, 2014

Why Developers Should Hop on Board the Edutainment Train Before it Leaves the Station

By: Nancy MacIntyre Source: App Developer Magazine
June 25, 2014

Fingerprint Pulls in $10.9M from DreamWorks to Build Educational Apps for Kids

By: Eric Blattberg Source: VentureBeat
June 25, 2014

Fingerprint Scores $11M from Dreamworks, Others for Kids’ Apps

By: Carolyn Said Source: SF Gate
June 24, 2014

Kids' App Maker Fingerprint, Snubbed by VCs, Backed by ...

By: Yuliya Chernova Source: The Wall Street Journal
June 17, 2014

Appidemic: The Adventures of Ash & Ollie: ScreenTime for iOS

By: Kirk Hiner Source: Technology Tell
June 02, 2014

7 Ways to Keep Your Kids' Brains from Turning to Mush This Summer

By: Dan Tynan Source: Yahoo! Tech
May 10, 2014

App Reviews: Freedome VPN, The Adventures of Ash and Ollie: ScreenTime

By: Hayley Tsukayama Source: Daily Herald
May 08, 2014

This Month's Screen-Time Finds (Critter Cruise)

By: Chrisanne Grise Source: Parents Magazine
April 16, 2014

The Leap Across the Chasm: Catching Your Dream

By: Nancy MacIntyre Source: Women 2.0
April 13, 2014

Six Apps that Might Make Parenting Easier

By: Jinny Gudmundsen Source: USA Today
April 01, 2014

Kids as Young as 4-Years-Old Need 14 Hours of Screen Time a Day

By: Nancy MacIntyre Source: Gamasutra